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Rent a Mobile Storage Container: Simplify Your Move or Renovation

Moving or renovating a home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. From organizing your belongings to finding a temporary storage space, the to-do list can seem endless. However, our mobile storage containers can make the process much easier and more convenient.

Our mobile storage container rentals are ideal for Moving or Renovations

Mobile storage containers are an ideal solution for those times when you are moving or renovating. These containers provide a secure and easily accessible storage option for your household items. Instead of worrying about transporting your belongings to and from our  self-storage facility, we can deliver a container right to your driveway or yard.   See our delivery instructions.

Delivered to Your Driveway or Yard

One of the biggest benefits of our mobile storage containers is the convenience they offer. Instead of renting a truck, loading and unloading it, and transporting your items to our storage facility, the container can be delivered directly to your driveway or yard. This means you can load and unload your belongings at your own pace, without having to worry about making multiple trips.

a mobile storage container that is sitting in our yard waiting to be delivered to your home
A mobile storage unit that has been delivered to a home that has been sold and is ready for storing your belongings

Clean Attractive Units

Looking for a practical and visually appealing storage solution? Look no further than our mobile storage containers! Our containers are not only well-maintained and clean, but they’re also designed to provide a professional and polished look. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to store your belongings or a business owner in need of additional storage space, our mobile storage containers are the perfect solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help.

Temporary Onsite Storage

Mobile storage containers offer temporary onsite storage that can be customized to your specific needs. You can rent the container for as long as you need it, whether it’s a few days or several months. This is especially useful during home renovations when you need to move furniture and other items out of the way temporarily.

Placed on Blocks for a Level Base

Mobile storage containers are designed to be placed on blocks to prevent driveway damage and provide a level base for loading and unloading. This ensures that your belongings are safe and secure while they are being stored.

Peace of Mind:

Mobile storage containers are a practical and convenient solution for homeowners who are moving or renovating. They offer clean and visually appealing units, delivered right to your driveway or yard. With temporary onsite storage and a level base for loading and unloading, they provide peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and accessible day or night.

side view of a new mobile storage container ready for your next move

Tips for Packing Your Mobile Storage Container

  • Make sure your container is firm and tightly packed to prevent shifting during transport.
  • Use the handy tie-downs to secure your belongings Secure top-heavy objects to the walls with ( rope, ratchet straps, bungee cords).
  • Wrap furniture with blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap.
  • Distribute weight evenly throughout the container. Don’t place too many heavy items on one side.
  • Use the same size boxes, ( label boxes).
  • Place items you may need to access near the front of the container.
  • Put your own lock on the container and “Don’t lose the Key”.
  • Make sure all belongings are clean and dry and well protected.
  • Consider leaving an open box of baking soda to absorb any odors.
  • Place heavier items on the floor and stack lighter items on top.
  • Stand couches on end “if couch design suits”.
  • Fill empty spaces with pillows, clothing, towels.
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