Delivery Instructions

It is very important to confirm that it is possible for Dundee Storage to deliver a container to your location.

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Leave the container with you at your place or store it at ours and get 24/7 access with our camera surveillance and a coded gate. Delivery and Pick-up charges are calculated based on your site location and will be provided at the time of rental.

Delivery and pick-up is easy – just call or email our office and we’ll arrange delivery or pick-up within 24 hours in most cases.

The smaller trucks that typically deliver 10ft and 20ft units resemble medium-sized flat-bed tow trucks. These trucks have fixed axles and vary in terms of maneuverability but as a general rule of thumb, these trucks typically require 60 ft. in a straight line to back, or pull into the area you need the container. After the truck pulls into the location of desire, the driver will then lift the front end of the bed and pull straight forward until the container slides off the truck and onto the ground.

40′ of additional space for tilt-bed trucks and 60′ of extra space for roll-off trucks. Plan on having at least 10′ of width to fit the truck and 13’6″ of clearance height (when the container is tipped off the back, plan on a peak height of around 16′).

The combined weight of the truck, trailer, and container can combine to be over 45,000-pounds. It’s important that your delivery surface be firm. If there is a risk of sinking into the ground or it’s not firm enough to support the truck, the driver will have to make the decision not to deliver the container.

Overhead clearance
Because the container will be delivered on a slide off trailer make sure you have at least 14 feet of overhead clearance on the road to the delivery site and 20 feet of overhead clearance at the location where the truck will tilt the container to slide it off. This means all trees and overhead wires must be out of the way.

Occasionally after a container is delivered the doors may be difficult to close. Because the container weights 5,000 lbs. or more there will be some settling and it is possible that the doors will be difficult to operate. If this occurs the container can be straightened by lifting the low or settled corner and inserting some material that will re-support the corner and return the door to proper alignment. Lifting of the subsided corner can be done with a simple hydraulic jack, ‘Johnson Bar’ or small forklift.

If your site is questionable, make sure you talk to us before ordering.

Please note; It’s always a good idea to have a back-up spot in mind where there won’t be any issues.

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